Safety and Environment

At Buckeye Field Maintenance, Safety and Environment are our #1 Priorities.

We also employ a highly trained work force that complies with our "zero tolerance" drug/alcohol policy, to ensure a safe work environment. All drug testing is administered through Nursing Corps and DISA.

OSHA Certified

All employees are OSHA 10 trained before we send them out to our projects.

Any equipment such as LEL monitors are calibrated before the start of the job, and are bump tested daily to remain compliant with all applicable standards.

Weekly Safety Topics

When on site we perform a daily safety meeting and 

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before we start work. 

In doing so we can adequately review the possible hazards, and how to best prevent accidents. Buckeye complies with all required customer Safety and Environmental requirements.

Staff and Reporting

Buckeye Field Maintenance safety is administered by our staff and Mac Safety.

All information is reported via PEC, ISNetworld for our clients to review. 

"While onsite Mac Safety audited all the activities Buckeye Field Maintenance was performing over the duration of their scope of work. We audited BFM through our proprietary Risk Management Software, NIXN, and found that BFM mitigated 98% of the risk in which their employees were exposed"

"BFM's Scope of Work entailed LOTO, Lancing Cooler Tubes (High Pressure Washing), Using Hand tools, Working in Class 1 Areas, and working during the COVID-19 Pandemic."

"BFM was able to maintain an extremely high percentage of Risk Mitigation by successfully performing JSAs, identifying hazards prior to commencing their activities, and taking the necessary measures based off the identified hazards."

"Over all BFM was able to receive an "A" score based of their risk identification and mitigation techniques and also completed their scope of work with no incidents or injuries."

Mac Safety Consultants Safety Audit 4/13/2021