Oil and Gas

We specialize in all applications that are involved with the Oil and Gas industry. Within our company we have over 100 years of experience, through hiring from Local Union crafts. With this quality and experience we can deliver a quality product to our customers.

Pressure Testing

We preform all manners of pressure testing, within our fabrication shop or in the field. We possess digital recording equipment, that is calibrated every six months. This equipment can record down to each second if required, and provides a real time graph for the records.

Hydro Bay 4


Our qualified welders are up to date on all certifications to meet the necessary procedures of the project. This ranges anywhere between structural welding to pipe related procedures.


Within our facility we house our own insulation department,

this provides our customers with a reduced price compared to our competitors. Our staff is hired through local Union hiring halls to ensure the highest quality.

Pipe Fabrication

Our pipe shop fabricators  are well versed in all procedures regarding the fabrication of pipe, fittings, valves, instrumentation and all avenues not mentioned. Again we hire local Union Pipefitters that complete a 5 year apprenticeship program, to keep the quality and expertise to the highest standard.

Civil Work
We have the ability to provide support to complete any civil work that may be required for your project.
All employees employed by BFM are current on certifications that involve rigging loads at any range of weight.
Williams Plant Lift 4
Industrial Construction
We offer a large range of services involved in Industrial Construction. From start to finish we can cover the demand.
Thermal Solutions
At Buckeye Field Maintenance we provide thermal solutions that range from boilers to duct work.
Structual fabrication
Our capabilities also include the ability of  structual fabrication and installation, at any scale your project requires.
Quality Control
Our Quality Control thoroughly keeps records of all material MTRS, weld tracking, pressure testing, and all certifications related to the project.


Let our team look it over for you. We strive to offer the most prompt, professional, and cost effective approach to every project 

that comes across our desk. Our goal is to complete your project in the most efficent approach from start to finish.

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